Using Stain to Make Artwork

You can get an inordinate amount of joy from coming up with new ways to make furniture unique and beautiful. One such thing is using charcoal shading effect using stain on wood. You can use a pattern or design of your choice to create a lovely shaded pattern on your old and existing furniture. Start by outlining a design of your choice on the wooden surface. If you want a dark finish then leave the stain longer before wiping and also try to use a darkest possible stain. Start the staining with the center of the design and then work your way out to the tip.

Do not stain the all of design because you want to the make the out edges the lightest portions of your shading. Once you’re ready, use a dry cloth and wipe away from the stain to allow a smooth transition from the stained portion to the outer unstained portion. Make sure to rub it to create a shaded look. You may have to go back to the older parts to repeat the shading process and to allow the stain get gradually darker towards the center. Repeat whenever needed until you have the desired finish. Then, to finish off give the whole piece a thick glossy coat of poly.