Old Wooden Ladder Bookshelf

Old wooden ladder converted into bookshelf for a great new DIY project. Dark Espresso Brown Leaning Bookcase Bookshelf

Old wooden ladder can be repurposed for so many uses. Use some creative DIY ladder shelf ideas to add some character to your house. They can be easily reused as an original bookshelf, flower stand or even for storage in the bedroom, kitchen, balcony or even bathroom. Moreover, old but sturdy ladders pretty much suit any interior style, industrial, rustic, scandinavian or vintage. You can leave it with its natural wear and tear wooden color or paint it with a bright color to make it stand out in your living space or also attach boards between the ladder rungs.

When used properly, an old ladder can prove to be very functional element at the same time add a dash of style to your space. They’re just simple and at the same time, extremely effective and stunning to look at. You can even place a ladder using safety plugs or stoppers in your children’s room. Repurposed ladders are also great for some stylish and space saving storage in the bathrooms and you can place your towels, or toiletries there.