How To: Love Shelf

This original, one of a kind shelf is both rustic and modern. Its simplicity makes it such a versatile and stylish piece. For hanging, there are several keyhole brackets in the back allowing it to hang flush with the wall. This shelf originally had been doing rounds on Pinterest for a while and it is actually very simple to make despite its slightly complicated looking design. You basically need a few hours free or days free and wooden planks, paint and some tools to work with the wood.

It is better to draw up your design on paper first to see how you want it to look like. Then determine how tall you want it to be and come up with the dimensions of other parts, in this case the letters L,O,V,E. Purchase the wood from the hardware store and make sure to buy enough screws for the assembly as well. And now comes the hardest part. Cut the wooded boards into the dimensions and make sure to use the appropriate safety equipments while working with the tools. Once you have assembled the shelf, it is time to paint it. Before painting, do not forget to put the primer first.


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