Herb & Salad Wall

The Green Living Wall was developed as an extreme sloped green roof. After a few changes in design it was possible to grow plants from zero to ninety degrees. These wall mounted systems can be installed on the existing walls or any other vertical structures. You can also bring a herb and salad wall at home using this system, although the hardest part is deciding which wall to start your vertical garden with. Green Living Walls are also available as a freestanding system and can be installed on large buildings as well.

In a wall mounted system standard panels are manufactured with 4-6 inch depths. They accommodate deeper rooted plants like vegetables and grasses. The mounts are made from stainless steel or aluminum for zero expansion or contraction. This patented design allows free water flow and drainage and unlimited root migration as well as ensures a no root rotting or wasted irrigation.  This wall mounted indoor garden can be custom manufactured and details can be allowed for 100% design flexibility. Moreover the wall mounted system come with a two year minimum product warrant with a 15 year (and longer) warranty, although it is optional for the client to pick one.


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