Arch Mirror

If you have a nice mirror, then you may want to frame it properly using something like a arch top mirror frame. These frames are very elegant, with a large point at the top center, which gives them the appearance of a medieval arch. Although many of such mirror frames are available from market, you can also quite easily make one DIY mode. While it may be a time consuming process, it can also be an extremely rewarding one especially if you have completely built it from scratch.

To start with your DIY mirror arch, you need to make the back first. It can be done with a board of a small flat piece of wood. Once you have cut it using a saw, leave a small gap along the edge so you could screw the mirror frame. For the next step, cut the lengths of wood so that you have a bottom and two sides of the frame. This gives you a basic frame, so place the mirror into the middle. Now make the top arch with those lengths of wood, as you should be able to curve it or leave it as a triangle. Take your arch back to rest of the frame and screw it into the position on the backing.


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Simple “How To” Fire Pit


There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire in your own backyard, but store-bought fire pits can get pretty expensive, and unfortunately (but understandably), most states have pretty strict regulations on outdoor fires. Fire pits come in different shapes and sized. You can have them as a permanent structure in your house or as a simple barrel that be used a mobile fire pit at home and outdoors. Some of the fire pits can be a source of heat in cold weather, and also a piece of art. The trick is to find the design that is a perfect fit for your backyard.

U-shaped seating surrounding a rectangular fire box is great as it lets everyone sitting around it feel a the warmth. A gazebo can also be installed to cover some fire pits so that the homeowners can still enjoy the fire even when it’s raining. Some building materials such as crushed stone can give the outdoor space a natural and earthy feel. Add a rustic picnic table and natural stone fire pit to give a shabby chic look to your patio. You may also employ a few rows of hydrangeas, statuesque urns and glass fire pit to create a classy outdoor seating area.


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