Outdoor Kitchen with Wood Burning Pizza Oven

If you’ve read over how to build your own pizza oven with interest, this step-by-step guide to building a wood-fired oven in your backyard might just push you over the deciding line into having your own backyard culinary dome. This massive cob oven is over 4.5’ in diameter. This is not only because the interior dome dimensions are large, but also because there is large amount of insulation around it. For your DIY cob oven you could use some kind of a custom perlite mix usually several inches thick to completely insulate the dome. A very heavy insulation would also mean that this oven has a very long bake time.

In such a pizza-baking dome, you could bake pizzas almost indefinitely once it is up to the temperature and you can also achieve long pizza bake times by maintaining a live fire on either sides of the dome. Doing this heats the oven as well as the hearth too. Once the hearth on the one side cools down you easily switch to the baking to the other side. It is also essential to add a pizza pit or the baker’s pit to ensure that baker is able to stand at the level of the oven and can slide the food in and out with greater ease.


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Deck Ideas

A beautiful, functional outdoor living area can be one of the best features of a new home, enhancing its look, increasing livability, and bringing pleasure to those who enjoy the space. While looking to renew the deck, one has to keep several factors in mind; the space, style, size of the house and individual lifestyle, personal preferences as well as the budget. While site is usually a deciding factor, style and budget may also eventually determine how many amenities may be included or what kind of materials can be used. Accordingly the deck can be converted into a casual or formal, a quiet retreat, or a hub of activity.

A regular family consisting of toddlers, teens, pets and parents require a different design that a couple may require to relax or entertain. Personal taste is also an important deciding factor of what the renovated deck could turn out to be like. A well designed deck will integrate several diverse elements into practicality and aesthetically harmonize with the house it serves and the yard it adjoins. There is no necessary need to match the deck with the house façade or the materials and furnishing indoors, but they should eventually complement the style and mood of the surroundings.