Adding clothes storage to a bedroom with no closet

You might live in a studio apartment with no designated bedroom closet. Or, you might have a small closet in your bedroom that’s already being used to store other out-of-sight items (like Christmas wrap, sports gear, and so forth), leaving you with no room for clothes. If purchasing a free-standing wardrobe is too costly, or simply not suitable for your needs, consider these options for creating a freestanding “closet” in a room without one.

Free-standing closet rack

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A laundry rack is a great free-standing way to store clothes and shoes, though it will probably only work if you have a fairly minimal closet. You can find chic ones online or, if you’re the DIY sort, build your own.

Boho apartment with closet corner

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If you have a studio apartment and want to keep your “closet” hidden, use a colorful privacy screen to section off one corner of the room. You can keep your dresser, clothes rack, or even a small dressing table behind it.

Built-in closet shelves and hangers

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If you have too many clothes for a laundry rack or small wardrobe, consider turning one wall of your bedroom into a built-in closet. Use a closet kit to hang poles and shelves. If you want to hide your goods, use a large folding screen or hang a colorful curtain on a rod from the ceiling.

Bookshelves as built-in closet shelves

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If you’ll be taking up a large wall for your DIY “closet” and need major built-in shelving on a budget, consider grabbing several bookcases from IKEA and turning them into a wall of built-in shelving. This blog post has step-by-step instructions for re-painting and even lining the bookshelves with printed fabric to make them look more expensive. If you’re putting several shelves side by side, you can paint extra wood facings and attach them to the front of the finished shelves to blend them seamlessly together. Use them to store shoes and bags, fold up sweaters and pants, or add baskets to catch scarves, socks and more.


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